Christmas Update

Thursday, September 21, 2017

family fun

 School has started!  Brynne and I snuck away for a quick BYU/OSU women's soccer game.  BYU rocked it. My friend Julia's niece played and scored.  fun!

Two days later Brynne got her wisdom teeth extracted.  Not so fun.  Her darling friends brought ice cream!

Logan and Faith are buddies and it is so sweet!

On Friday we went to the Grants Pass football game.  Josh and I both lucked out with friends who invited us and one child to join them.

Here are Ella and Kenna - and my friend Heidi photobombing them.  ;-)

And Megan and Natalie

And I went with Amy

Faith's imagination has taken off.  She plays pretend All. Day.  Long.
She especially loves to play with the baby toys in my closet.

Natalie lost a tooth.  This is what she sent the tooth fairy. 
I drew an amazing fairy picture back.

We left for Hawaii.  You know it's going to be a great trip when you start off on the Beaver plane.  I may have cheered for BYU at the soccer game, but OSU is my second fave.

Hannah also got two of her wisdom teeth extracted.  It was interesting to see the difference in how they dealt with it.  Brynne was silent and communicated with me as little as possible.  Hannah was chatty the minute she got in the car.


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Speed Dial

Where is the time going?  I want all my kids to stop growing.  I definitely want summer back.  I need more weekends in my life and fewer meetings.  Time is too short with my family these days.

August flew by.  It was amazing.  Amazingly busy.  Without further ado - here is some of our fun....

 Natalie had private swimming lessons with this darling guy from church.  It was a really good experience for her and she learned a lot in two short weeks!

Richardson cousins came for a long visit and my kids were very happy.  I'm keeping this photo of Sam for his wedding.  I'm sure he'll want to see it then.

Faith doesn't often play with kids her age - this was a banner month of her!

Pear picking started.  Logan and I had a mother/son date at the pear farm.  He's so cute!

Amazing sunset one night...

Faith became obsessed with card games.  This one she made up using face cards from two decks.  It's called "Kings and Jacks and Kings and Jacks". The rules are simple.  Draw a card, replace a card. 

(on a side note - see my new headboard?  LOVING my new bed)

Faith's bestie is Jada.  Aren't they darling?

More pear farm picking - this was platform picking and it's hard, sweaty work but fun with friends.

August wore Faith out.

Our trip to the family reunion...
This girl can pout when necessary.

Collier state park is the best rest stop I've ever seen.  It wasn't too kind to Logan though... we almost lost him.

We had to have an It's It ice cream sandwich after driving most of the day.  Yummers.
PS - other amazing rest stop is the park in Arlington

The eclipse was amazing.  We only had two teenagers for that night.  That was weird.  But nice.

Two days after the eclipse, Hannah and I left for Idaho on wedding business.

engagement photos were taken....

...I think they like each other

I saw Heather again!

We went house-hunting with Grandma R. and discovered the skinniest shower door you ever did see.

We bought a wedding dress.  EEK!

It was a whirlwind trip.  We left Wednesday for Rexburg and were at Shannon's late Friday night to pick up the girls we'd left there after the family reunion.  So yeah - talk about sore and tired.  I couldn't hardly sit in church on Sunday. 

However...we now have all six kids under one roof again.  It may be the last time this happens.  It warmed my heart the other morning to have EVERYONE around the table for family scripture study.  

I took some kids to the Science museum in Ashland.  Always a fun time.

Josh and I took a quick overnight trip to Oakland for a friend's wedding.  
Guys - I called Grandma Honey and got the address of the house they lived in.  Here is the Berkeley house where Uncle Matt was born!

Brynne and her friends had a pranking war.  This was her gift one morning.  Just so glad they didn't TP our house.

Faith loves shopping.  Especially shoe shopping.  Really especially shoe shopping for her.  She was very disappointed that we were not buying furry white and purple boots for her that day.

School started with a bang.

First - we have a Senior again - always an exciting year.  Sad that my Brynners is growing up!

And a newly minted Freshman!  He loves high school!!

This girl is prepared to rock 4th grade!

Uh - commercial break - no first day of school picture of Natalie because I'm a bad mother.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled programming....

And Miss Faith is in preschool!  She was so excited to have a back-pack! And snacks!  And friends!

Monday, July 24, 2017

6 kids, plus 1

July has been a tad bit crazy.  But oh-so-fun.

First, I never introduced you all to Jaime from Spain.  He left yesterday.  He was awesome.  I don't know if we just got lucky or what, but his personality fit our family's personality so well.  With Jaime we had lots of teasing, lots of card games, and lots of rounds of golf.  It was pretty fun.  We will miss that kid.  Some of my favorite memories of him:  when I was dropping him off for a camping trip that he wasn't sure he wanted to go on I said, "well, at least it's a beautiful river to look at" and he looked at me with this incredulous face and said, "I'm fifteen!  I don't care how pretty a river is!"

Or the time I found out he wasn't buckled up and slammed my brakes so I could scold him (we were just pulling into our neighborhood).  Couldn't have made a better object lesson if I had tried.  He flew into the seat in front of him and his face squished up hard against the headrest and then sort of slid down, cartoon-style.  All I had to say was, "and that's why we buckle up."

Or how every time I would ask him how something was he would say, "it's all right" just because he knew it kind of drove me crazy.  yep.  We had a fun time with SeƱor Jaime.

But really what you all probably want to hear about is our trip to the Redwoods...

No?  Not that?  Well then maybe our trip to the beach...

we built a sandcastle.

Oh, and Keaton proposed to Hannah.

I guess she said yes.

They are two cute lovebirds.  

And he found a gorgeous ring...

Honestly I had a hard time wrapping my brain around this at first.  my BABY is not old enough to get married and I am definitely not old enough to become the mother of the bride.  

But once I accepted the facts....
...and got to know Keaton
And saw how happy they are together...
...and remembered that if they get married he gets to pay her expenses,

I realized this might be a really good deal for me.

All joking aside, we are very happy for Hannah and Keaton.  It's pretty cute and fun to have Keaton here and get to know him.  He's a great guy.

Now to plan a wedding....

keep your April open - that's our tentative month right now.